Shopping centers


Loc. Tremestieri - Messina 98121 (ME)

SHOPPING CENTRE – MESSINA (development in progress)

The only large shopping centre in Messina, a city of about 250,000 inhabitants, will be built in an area covered by the project within a recent expansion. The road infrastructure indicated by the Unilateral Obligation Deed already approved, which provides for substantial costs to be borne by the private sector, will significantly improve the road network in the area to the benefit of the population. In fact, the planned links between the Messina – Palermo A18 motorway and the State Road 114, besides guaranteeing convenient access to the Shopping Centre, will also improve the flow of city traffic. The project provides for a retail area entirely developed on a single floor and with a total covered surface of about 39,000 square metres. Facilities include a modern hypermarket, medium and large areas with leading brand names in sport, electronics, textiles and clothing, services, catering and about 60 neighbourhood stores.

Only a few Km

From the centre of Messina

More than 2,500

Guaranteed parking spaces

31.000 square metres

Of rented area

39.000 square metres

Of gross commercial area


Retail stores

A modern-design hypermarket