About Us


The company started out as a small building firm, with its headquarters in Milan. It took part in the construction of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. It later went on to enjoy growth thanks to private customer contracts and acquired invaluable experience in designing, building, financing and leasing the shopping centres it built to large-scale distribution groups. In 1991, the company changed its name to ImmobiliarEuropea SpA. Starting in the late 80s the company radically changed its strategy: from a high-organisational-effort and low-added-value business concern (construction company operating on behalf of third parties, always in the private sector), to a low- organisational-effort, high-added-value activity (customer, with the growth of its own property development operations). The sector in which the Company has acquired specific expertise and experience is that of retail shopping centres in particular, as well as in the residential, hotel and other sectors. Market orientation and focus on end customers, on their needs and on solutions and services to satisfy them, have required additional skills besides the typical, technical and operational ones of the production process, which have not obviously been neglected.

So it is that the following abilities have become distinctive skills:

  • to search, select and acquire land in the best locations for real estate development projects;
  • to develop the concept and take care of its design cycle, from the preliminary project through to implementation, including building licence and worksite working plan and planning permission;
  • to analyse, evaluate and plan the complex and articulated urban planning and building, environmental and landscape, road and noise authorisation processes, interacting with the numerous bodies and organisations in charge of authorising projects that are often of significant size and with a significant economic, commercial and social impact on the area in which they are located;
  • to draw up business plans with fine-tuning of economic, financial, profitability, marketing and commercial aspects, for presentation to banks for financial coverage;
  • to identify, at an early stage, potential customers for shopping centres, on which to “shape” the final product according to commercial needs, enter into the relevant lease or sales contracts and deliver the finished and habitable product;
  • to perform the activity of “general contractor”, outsourcing specialized activities (structures, mechanical and electrical systems, special systems, windows, doors, floors and walls, etc.), while maintaining strong supervision, with its own technical staff, of the entire production process, with control of the quality, schedules and costs of the various operating phases;
  • to invest on its own account, keeping for itself part of the complexes built for return on investment, but also participating in joint ventures with large large-scale retail groups.

The Group’s sphere of business activity is divided into three main areas:


Development of shopping centres for large-scale retail distribution (Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls, Catering, Entertainment, etc.) for rental or sale.

The main initiatives are


  • Olbia, shopping centre (a major extension was completed in 2007);
  • Cagliari, Santa Gilla shopping centre and Marconi shopping centre (Pirri locality);
  • Sassari, Predda Niedda shopping centre;
  • Sassari, Commercial building in Piazza Azuni;
  • Rome, Casalbertone shopping centre;
  • Monza, Rondò dei Pini locality, shopping centre;
  • Catania, Bicocca locality, Commercial Park.


  • Cinisello Balsamo, shopping centre (major restructuring and expansion underway, with reopening scheduled for 2023);
  • Milano, shopping centre located in Cascina Merlata;
  • Messina, shopping centre locality Tremestieri.

tourist: accommodation facilities-hotels

  • Grand Hotel Abi D’Oru (Olbia, Golfo di Marinella/Porto Rotondo);
  • Hotel Santa Gilla in Capoterra (Cagliari);
  • Hotel in Monza: locality Rondò dei Pini;


  • Private marina opened in 2008, inside the Gulf of Olbia.


  • Residential, offices, entertainment.

The Group is focused on:

  • Operations with high added value, thanks to the control of the entire process, from design to implementation;
  • Projects with reliable final outcome or with minimum exposure to market risk;
  • Operations with strong strategic area appeal.

Track Record

In the Commercial segment, some of the complexes, or part of them, were sold to increase development projects in the company portfolio:





SLP (mq.)

 Centro Commerciale Santa Gilla Cagliari 1992 26.712
 Centro Commerciale Olbiamare Olbia 1993 2007 32.754
 Centro Commerciale Cinisello Balsamo Milano 1993 2007 55.798
 Centro Commerciale Pirri Marconi Cagliari 1994 27.656
 Centro Commerciale Predda Niedda Sassari 1996 2004 34.384
 Centro Commerciale Azuni Sassari 1996 2009 5.283
 Centro Commerciale Cadsalbertone Roma 1997 29.251
 Centro Commerciale Monza Milano 2008 39.946
 Centro Commerciale Catania Catania 2010 89.811
Total SLP achievement 1992-2010 (mq.) 341.595





Cap Rate

PRICE (€/000)

Ipermercato Santa Gilla Cagliari 1999  6,42% 35.791
 Ipermercato Pirri Marconi Cagliari 1999 6,01% 38.185
Ipermercato Predda Niedda Sassari 2000 6,55% 13.295
Ipermercato Casalbertone Roma 2001 6,38% 38.734
 Centro Commerciale Cinisello Balsamo Milano 2008 197.050
 Centro Commerciale Monza Milano 2009 6,10% 141.355
Ipermercato Catania Catania 2009 39.437
 Galleria Commerciale Casalbertone Roma 2011  6,10% 48.000
 Galleria Commerciale Porte di Catania Catania 2012 187.655
Galleria Commerciale Santa Gilla Cagliari 2016 32.830
Galleria Commerciale Predda Niedda Sassari 2016 40.930
Galleria Commerciale Pirri Marconi Cagliari 2016 39.700
Centro Commerciale Olbiamare Olbia 2016 68.400
Total sale price 1999-2016 921.363