Shopping centers

Galleria Azuni Sassari

Piazza Azuni - 07100 Sassari (SS)

The Azuni Shopping Mall is located in Piazza Domenico Azuni, in the old-city centre. The building dates back to the 70s and is on 6 levels (one of which is underground) and was intended to accommodate the well-known Upim brand. In 1995 it was completely renovated, contributing to the revitalization of the existing commercial context, with the enhancement of the sales range available in the square. In 2009 the building was further renovated and rented to Zara, a top player in the ready-to-wear clothing sector.



Project sheet

Central location

In the heart of Sassari

4,500 square metres

Commercial area

6 floors

And subdivision of the building

1970 year of construction of the building

For Upim

2009 year of renovation

To accommodate Zara