S. Gilla Towers Cagliari

Piazza L'Unione Sarda - 09122 Cagliari (CA)

The “Le Torri Santa Gilla” complex, with scenic view over the wetlands and the city of Cagliari, consists of high-end homes, offices, shops and café-restaurants.


Every detail of the project has been studied to ensure the very best construction quality, with the use of natural materials typical of Sardinian architecture such as Orosei marble, wood, etc., as well as other equally traditional materials such as copper. The excellent living traditions of the past have been combined with the most innovative technological solutions of the present, such as ventilated walls and roofs, thermal-acoustic insulation, exclusively designed interior and exterior doors and windows and many other features to provide owners with the best living quality.


Project sheet

View from above

Of the city of Cagliari

Typical natural materials

Of Sardinian architecture

Technological solutions

Ventilated walls and roofs - Thermal and acoustic insulation

Prestigious and functional