ImmobiliarEuropea for the new anti-Covid unit of Sacco Hospital in Milan

New anti-Covid ward was inaugurated this morning thanks to a donation

The new anti-Covid ward of the Sacco hospital in Milan was inaugurated this morning in Milan.
The structure, built in just 60 days by the same workers as the companies involved, was built thanks to the substantial donation of 3 million euros from Ceetrus Italy, in partnership with ImmobiliarEuropea and Sal Service, through the Merlata Sviluppo joint venture.

The brand new pavilion features ten beds designed for the treatment of patients with infectious diseases at risk of high diffusion and danger, or immunosuppressed.
Next to the protected inpatient area, all the support rooms (changing rooms, bathrooms, showers) have been renovated and expanded, which will allow the passage of over 80 operators between doctors, nurses and professionals in training.

In front of the department was placed a work created by the Alghero stylist and artist Antonio Marras, who was also present at the ceremony, who said he was “honored” to have been able to make his own contribution.

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