Shopping centers


Via La Cava - Bollate 20021 (MI)

SHOPPING CENTRE – BOLLATE (development in progress)

The project involves the construction of a shopping centre covering about 70,000 square metres in the south-east of Bollate – included in the Pgt – a municipality that covers an area of 13 square kilometres and has a population of 36,500 people.


The development area is well positioned along the main SP46 Rho-Monza road, which makes it highly accessible thanks to the junction along Via La Cava. The reference customer catchment area is estimated at over 500,000 inhabitants within the first 10 minutes of travel.


The facility is divided into two levels featuring a shopping and entertainment arcade, as well as covered play activities. The rentable area covers about 52,000 square metres which will accommodate shops and a hypermarket.


70.000 square metres

Total gross floor area

51.900 square metres

Gross floor area for rent

12 Km

From the centre of Milan

Expected 7-8 million

Visitors a year